Chloe Wang 王樂妍

Singer / Actress / Host 

Discovered at the age of 13, Chloe starred in many music videos and television commercials before being selected to join popular Taiwanese pop girl-group YUMMY in 2005. In 2009, she made her solo musical debut with her album Copenhagen’s Fairy Tales.Chloe gained popularity in Singapore after starring as one of the female leads in two hit television drama serials, Joys of Life and Devotion. For her breakthrough role in Devotion, she was nominated in the Favourite Female Character category in the Star Awards 2012, and won the online polls for the Best Overseas Artiste category in the same year. As a result she became a hot favourite with the media to grace magazine Srs. Chloe is currently the ambassador for fashion label dENiZEN. As a cat lover, she also replaced Sonia Sui as the spokesperson for Stray Cats Protection Association in Taipei.

Being a talented multi-hyphenate artiste, Chloe just published her first book “Ai Mao Ru Wo” and is currently hosting Apple News LIVE in Taipei.  In 2013, she made her movie debut as the female lead in “Lian Hun – Kua Hai Che Ping” and took on the leading role in popular Taiwanese idol drama series IUUI, officially making her mark as one of top female actresses to watch.

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