3 Peas In A Pod Movie 他她他 (2013)

3 PEAS IN A POD《他她他》
14 November 2013

A Michelle Chong film
A Huat Films Production
Starring Alexander Lee Eusebio, Calvin Chen. Introducing Jae Liew

主演:辰亦儒 (飛輪海成員),亞力山大
發片 製作 • 莊米雪 作品

3 Peas In A Pod《他她他》is a story about friendship and love. Three university students studying in Australia (Penny from Singapore, Perry from Taiwan and Peter from Korea) are good friends whose lives are intertwined with one another’s.

Just before they graduate and go back to their respective countries to embark on their working lives, the three friends decide to go on a road trip in the country they’ve been studying in for the last 4 years.

Little do they know, this farewell holiday is a trip that would change their lives forever.

《他她他》说的是一个关于友情与爱情的故事。三名来自世界不同角落的大学生 — 新加坡的Penny,台湾的Perry和韩国的Peter — 不但是好朋友,他们之间的情感纠葛也是剪不断理还乱。三人在澳洲大学毕业后,就得回到­各自的家乡,为人生的下一个阶段奋斗 — 拼搏事业。于是他们决定在各奔前程之前,好好的看一看这个他们生活了四年的国家。他们­却万万也料不到,这次告别之旅,将永远改变他们的一生。

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