Huat Films Productions

After being a familiar face on local television for more than a decade, Singapore’s popular bilingual host/ comedian/ actress Michelle Chong set up Huat Films in 2011 for the sole purpose of producing her own movie, Already Famous, which she wrote, directed and starred in as well. The company name is derived from the local expression often heard during festivities, “Huat ah!” which means, “to prosper”.

Indeed, Huat Film’s debut production Already Famous resonates strongly the auspiciousness associated with the company name, grossing more than S$1 million at the local box office in its opening week. Yet, “prospering” aside, Huat Films regards with greater importance, its ability to appeal to its audiences.

Quipped Michelle Chong, “I am happiest when people say they are touched, inspired or just entertained by my movie. The touching box office figures are the icing on the cake and I take this as an encouraging sign that I can continue making my second film.”

In 2016, Huat Films produced Lulu The Movie, a comedy starring one of Michelle Chong’s most popular characters from The Noose, an Emmy Award-winning comedy satire series.

The movie was released on 24 Nov 2016 and has hit S$2 million in around one month and with less than 30 print counts! Lulu has just begun its international screenings, opening in various locations in Malaysia and with other countries to follow.