Huat Films

After being a familiar face on local television for more than a decade, Singapore’s popular bilingual host/ comedian/ actress Michelle Chong set up Huat Films in 2011 for the sole purpose of producing her own movie, Already Famous, which she wrote, directed and starred in as well. The company name is derived from the local expression often heard during festivities, “Huat ah!” which means, “to prosper”.

Indeed, Huat Film’s debut production Already Famous resonates strongly the auspiciousness associated with the company name, grossing more than S$1 million at the local box office in its opening week.

Huat Film’s second movie, 3 Peas in a Pod, was a ground-making coming-of-age road-trip movie set in Australia and starred Taiwanese pop star Calvin Chen of boyband Fahrenheit and Korean K-pop star Alexander Lee Eusebio formerly from U-Kiss. With breathtaking views from Victoria to South Australia, a layered storyline and a refreshing on-screen combination of stars from 3 different countries, the movie opened to much fanfare and received rave reviews.

In 2016, Huat Films launched its third movie, Lulu The Movie, which hit S$2 million at the box office in around one month and with less than 30 print counts. Lulu The Movie is a comedy starring one of Chong’s most well-loved characters from a home-grown Emmy award nominated TV series. Lulu was screened in Singapore, Malaysia and with other countries to follow.

Huat Films also conceptualises and produces creative ad campaigns, TV commercials and digital videos.

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